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Etiquette and manners

Hanno Golf Club encourages members and guests alike to greet each other and follow the etiquette and manners described below. This is to prevent anyone from feeling uncomfortable, so every player can enjoy their time here.
1. Dress code when entering and exiting
・ When entering and exiting the club, always wear a formal jacket (business suit, blazer), no bomber jackets, zip-up jackets, or the like. (Except July to September)
・ Always wear a folded-down collared shirt.
Turtleneck, high-necked shirts are acceptable as long as they have collars.
T-shirts and other clothing that may be mistaken for underwear are not acceptable. (These rules apply during play.)
・ Do not wear jeans, cargo pants, sweatshirts, or other casual tops when entering and exiting the club.
・ When entering and exiting the club, do not wear golf shoes, geta, sneakers, sandals.
・ Always wear slacks when entering and exiting the club. (No short pants.)
2. Dress code during play
・ Your shirt must be tucked into your slacks.
As an exception, overblouses are allowed for women. Tank tops, camisoles, and short blouses exposing the abdomen are not acceptable.
・ For men, short pants must be knee-length with loose hems. Socks must be long enough to cover your ankles.
・ Clothing should be dignified and not flashy.
・ Although it is acceptable to turn your collar up during play, always fold it down in the clubhouse.
・ It is acceptable to use a neck cooler during summer months, but do not wrap a towel around your neck to cool down.
3. Dress code in the restaurant and lounge
・ Do not enter the restaurant or lounge with your rainwear on. They are prohibited in these spaces.
・ Take off your hat/cap in the restaurant.
・ When entering the restaurant or lounge after your play, follow the dress code for entering and exiting the club.
* If the club judges that your clothing is not appropriate even if the rule is not specified above, the club may ask you to change.
4. Play
・ Avoid slow play. Foursomes should take no longer than 2 hours and 15 minutes for a half round.
・ Neatly fix any ball marks on the greens.
・ When hitting from a bunker, enter the bunker from the lower edge, even if that side is far from the ball. Smooth out the sand after making your shot. When returning the bunker rake, lay it parallel to the edge of the bunker.
・ Leave the teeing area after making your tee shot to protect the grass.
・ Even out any divots after your shots.
5. Other
・ Do not wear metal spikes to play.
・ In the clubhouse, talk on your mobile phone or equivalent only in the specified areas. (Phone boxes on the 1st and 2nd floors; this rule does not apply in emergencies)
・ There are designated smoking areas: one in the clubhouse (lounge outside the restaurant; 2nd floor) and others around the ashtrays provided near teeing areas. Smokers must be considerate of other players. (Smoking is allowed only in the specified areas.)