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Via expressway

If driving, allow extra time, especially on the first day of a long holiday (such as Saturday).
Expect heavy traffic as a result of accidents and congestion.
Taking the train and catching a club bus from the station is also a good transport option.

By car

* Exit the Ken-O Expressway at the Sayama-Hidaka interchange. After the tollgate, drive toward Hanno.

By train: eight club buses operate per day

You can catch club buses from the North Exit of Hanno Station.
(FYI: A taxi from Hanno Station will take about 15 minutes and cost about 1,600 yen.)

About the club buses

Club bus boarding area 

Buses leave from the Hanno Central Dai 2 parking lot.

About the club bus operation

Eight club buses run on weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) and nine buses run on holidays (weekends, public holidays, and substitute holidays).
Note that there are no club buses when the club specially opens on usually closed days.
For details, see Club bus timetable (PDF).
The bus ride usually takes 15 minutes.