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About the club

Name of the golf course Hanno Golf Club
Location 495 Ashikariba, Hanno-shi, Saitama 357-0013
Tel: 042-972-3680
Fax: 042-972-3685
Website https://www.hannogc.co.jp/
Number of members Full members: 1,200, Weekday members: 238, Platinum members: 10 (as of April 1, 2019)
Starting order First come, first served (applies to all members on both weekdays and weekends)
Number of holes 18 holes / 6,910 yards, Par 72
Course design Ikkai Izumi
Date of opening October 28, 1960
Course area 769,000 m2
Course rating 73.0 (slope rating: 130)
Greens Green A (bentgrass greens, 007)
Green B (bermudagrass, TifEagle)
Practice range Driving range: 12 covered bays, 270 Y; Chipping green: 5,000 m2, ball rental free
Management Hanno Golf Club Co. Ltd.
President Ikuo Kaminishi
Manager Toru Nakagawa
Parking lot 230 spots
Accepted credit cards VISA, JCB, UFJ, AMEX, Diners, Mastercard